Victor Number 89


A hard tail bobber based on a Yamaha XS650 that started as a basket case with the remaining front section of the frame and an engine that did not do any work for ten years. After it was brought in the back of a car all the way from Bishop Auckland the works commenced. The majority of it was performed up in the loft of an ordinary flat here in Southend using not much more than hand held tools. Only the frame traveled to Oxfordshire once again to get the rear end built and fitted to it by Mr. Roger Almond.

Straight down the loft it started drawing attention and who could tell that story better than The Bike Shed’s very own Ross Sharp? Link to his words here.

My personal favorite bit on this bike happens to be the part that not many even know about – it’s a poem – hand stamped onto the leather with permission and blessing of it’s author – Ellen McAteer herself, and it isn’t one about flowers neither – it’s rather shockingly dark and real. Why such a poem? You see – to my world nice things always had to bring something more than just good looks.

For most – it’s just another bike, for me – it’s a life changer.

Arturas Lydys
‘Rad’s Loft’